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August 2011

Posted on August 19, 2011 by

When Hairballs Attack!

Just a little fun for Friday. May it make you laugh – Sylvester the talking cat

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Posted on August 12, 2011 by

Sometimes There Is No Easy Choice

Trying to know when your pet is suffering or has reached the end of a good quality of life is never easy. This recent article¬†in the Daily Gleaner is a very good discussion of a very difficult topic. Our pets become such the fabric of our daily lives that it really does hurt your heart […]

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Posted on August 9, 2011 by

Good Fortunes!

“The essential conditions of everything you do must be choice, love, and passion” Perhaps the best fortune I’ve ever received from a fortune cookie. With all the craziness of the rush to open, how busy we have been (Thank you, Park Hill!) and our recent opening celebration, we’ve been near daily regulars at our neighbor […]

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Posted on August 1, 2011 by

Wonderful to be open

Park Hill Vet is officially open as of 7/25 – and we love it! We hope you come see us soon. We had more appointments last week than I expected, but it all went well despite mild computer hiccups and our not having our flow down yet. Thank you to all who came. We also […]

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