Park Hill Vet is Now Park Hill’s Only AAHA Accredited Vet Hospital

All the nail biting and self-inflicted stress was worth it. I spent the day today with our American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) representative Laurie going through more than 800 standards to achieve our Accreditation.  It’s official now that we passed with flying colors in 20 areas from Client Care, Surgery, Anesthesia, Dentistry, Leadership, Medical Records and so much more.  This is a strictly voluntary evaluation and acceptance to practice the highest standards of veterinary care.

Only 15% of veterinary hospitals in the US and Canada seek accreditation.  And, in my professional experience, while there are many good veterinary practices that are not accredited, practices that are AAHA accredited are special and strive to be offering the best in care of their patients, clients and employees.

It’s that something extra in an AAHA practice that made me want to seek this process so that Park Hill Veterinary Medical Center will always be working towards the highest goals for veterinary medicine in all areas of our practice.

Kudos to my staff who has worked with me to make this goal happen. A special shout out to my veterinary nurse Dodie for all her hard work in drafting the required written standards.

To learn more about all that accreditation means and entails, visit

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