National Pet Dental Health Month

It’s here….we started a little early, but tomorrow 2/1/2012 marks the official beginning of National Pet Dental Health Month. Why a whole month devoted to pet dental care? Because it is just THAT important to your pet’s health. Poor oral health can take years off a cat or dog’s life as well as causing pain, being a source of bad odor and sowing the beginnings of chronic changes elsewhere in the body such as in kidney, lung and/or liver function.

Imagine if you didn’t visit a dentist until you were 21 or older. Well, for most dogs, they are the equivalent of 21 years or older in their physiology by age three and more than 80% of dogs and cats will have at least Grade 1 to Grade 2 dental disease.

Unsure if your pet has any significant dental disease, call today 303.388.2255 and schedule a complimentary dental evaluation by one of our veterinary nurses. Take care of your pets smart by being a proactive owner and learn more about their oral health care.

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