The Best Kind of Prescription – Unconditional Love

Think of it as a Petscription! Park Hill Veterinary Medical Center is partnering with the Dumb Friends League to help you welcome a new pet into your life.  When you are ready, your next pet can be hand-picked for you—based on your preferences.  Here’s how it works: You contact Direct Pet Connect at or (720) 252-8884.

They find out what you are looking for and then search for a match among the pets at League shelters. Once they find the perfect match, you and your new family member are on your way to a beautiful friendship.  Direct Pet Connect eliminates the stress and guesswork of a random pet selection.

Need help deciding what type of pet will fit best with your family or lifestyle – don’t hesitate to contact one of the veterinarians at Park Hill Veterinary Medical Center. We can help with pet selection.

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