The Tooth of the Matter

Have you kissed your pet lately? Are you drawing back because it smells yucky? Well, you are in luck…help is here. While here at Park Hill Veterinary Medical Center, we believe that every month is Pet Dental Health Month, February is the National event and we are joining in with a couple of specials. Read this article¬†from Tufts University for some further details.

Good oral health care, including regular professional veterinary dental cleanings, is the best way to keep the mouth yuck factor down and your pet’s breath kissable…if you really want to get that close! Our specials begin January 16th and end Friday, March 2nd. Special #1: every pet getting a professional veterinary dental cleaning will go home with owner’s choice of a bag of t/d or DH diet OR a bottle of CET Aquadent. Special #2: for multiple pets having their teeth cleaned on the same day, a dental special coupon for $20 off will be applied to each pet – an instant savings of $40.

Please contact us via phone 303.388.2255 or email via the website or to with an questions or to schedule your pet/s today.

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