Trainer Tips: Love All Dogs, Not Just Yours

“It drives me crazy: People say they love dogs – and they do love their dog – but what are they thinking? When people purchase from a pet store, don’t they realize they’re perpetuating puppy mills? Look at the bigger picture! Or in New York City, blue French Bulldogs are now a trend, selling for $8000. Ok, really? Do you know how many shelter dogs can be saved with that kind of money?” – Andrea Arden, regular guest on the Today show, trainer, author of Barron’s Dog Training Bible.  From USA Weekend, Dec. 23-25, 2011 by Steve Dale.

For more information on the puppy mill industry or the rescue of puppy mill puppies, link here to National Mill Dog Rescue. Looking for a puppy or dog of a specific breed,  contact us at 303.388.2255 and we can give you a Petscription to the Dumb Friends Direct Pet Connect Program – many purebred puppies and dogs pass through the shelter every year looking for their forever family.

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