Trainer Tips: Stop That Hurtful Training

“There’s never an excuse to hurt a dog when you train a dog – that is my No. 1 message. No. 2: Force isn’t necessary to train; motivate dogs using treats or toys, or use clicker training. Message No. 3: In my lifetime, we’ve learned much about the benefits of the human/animal bond – an area which we have far more to learn how mutually beneficial our relationship with dogs is.” – R.K. Anderson, 89, legendary veterinary behaviorist, founder of the first center for human/animal bond at the University of Minnesota. ¬†From USA Weekend, Dec 23-25, 2011 by Steve Dale.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Anderson about 14 years ago during vet school when I was selected to attend an awards ceremony honoring individuals for their work on the human/animal bond in Minneapolis-St. Paul. It is his passion and life-long work to help us humans understand the uniqueness of the human/animal bond and its role in not only the veterinary field, but in how we can better take care of our companion animals and ourselves. Link here to learn more.

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