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Starting next week, our feline mascot Thomas will contribute his own blog a few times monthly.  In anticipation, we thought we’d share his recent good press from the Denver Dumb Friends League.

Major Career Move for Thomas   From the DFL CloserView Newsletter, Spring 2012

For seven years, Thomas was a mere household companion. But everything changed when he came to our shelter. We saw his potential – 17 pounds of Maine Coon sophistication and charm. Now, Thomas has a job! He has a schedule. He has responsibilities, people to meet, appointments to keep.

Above average in intelligence, Maine Coon cats are bound to be happier when occupied. So when we learned that Dr. Margot Vahrenwald of the Park Hill Veterinary Medical Center was filling a Clinic Greeter position, we helped Thomas apply.

Dr. Vahrenwald and Thomas might not have met if it weren’t for a presentation at her Denver clinic about Direct Pet Connect, our program to help veterinarians match pets with their clients. Dr. Vahrenwald mentioned her desire for an office cat, and the next thing you know, Thomas was on board.

Park Hill Veterinary Medical Center is among 45 clinics participating in the fledgling Direct Pet Connect program and the third to adopt a clinic cat.


To learn more about Direct Pet Connect, visit or call (720)252-8884

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