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June 2012

Posted on June 29, 2012 by

Fourth of July Pet Safety

Make sure to keep your pets safe during this sparkling time of celebration. Despite the fires and firework bans, there will be some city fireworks displays and there are always individuals who will still set off noisemakers in neighborhoods. Most cats will hide away from scary noises, but a few can make a break out the […]

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Posted on June 28, 2012 by

Food Matters

Picking a diet for your pet can be overwhelming and there is a lot of marketing of foods that is somewhat deceptive, not maliciously, but as in promoting things such as being grain-free that may not be a concern for your pet.  Interested in learning more about nutrition and what might be best to feed […]

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Posted on June 25, 2012 by

Bird-saving Cat Collar

Sometimes cruising around the pet web, you can land on an ingenious product like this Bird Be Safe Collar. It’s simple and effective. Outdoor cats are definitely one of the most prolific causes of songbird deaths, killing millions each year. (Read this US Fish & Wild Brief for more details). If your kitty is a […]

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Posted on June 21, 2012 by

Does this shirt make me look fat?

My trainer, Liz bought me a new shirt. What do you think?  I’m not sure if purple is my color but the gang at the hospital says it makes me look regal…..whatever that means.

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Posted on June 20, 2012 by

Overlapping Medicines

The contrasts between veterinary and human medical practice always fascinate me. At veterinary conferences, I try to attend offerings from the One Health Initiative because they help to keep me thinking about how to best protect both animal and human health as well as opening up a global view. This recent set of essays comes […]

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Posted on June 12, 2012 by

Independence Day – Fourth of July

A quick meow-out that our office will be closed for the Fourth of July. Mi amigo, Walter the Chihuahua, thinks he’s getting two holidays in July…the 4th and Independence Day. I don’t have the heart to tell him there the same day.

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Posted on June 8, 2012 by

Thunderstorm Anxiety Not Uncommon

Summer in Denver means often there will be a thunderstorm.  With the bad storms of the past few nights, we have received a burst of calls about dogs and their thunderstorm anxiety.  It is not an uncommon phenomenon. The noise of thunder, bright flashes of lightning and the changes intensities of rain and/or hail can […]

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Posted on June 7, 2012 by

Diamond Pet Foods Recall Expands to Cat Food

Continued production issues at manufacturer Diamond Pet Foods regarding Salmonella contamination – link here for more detailed information. Product lines include Kirkland (CostCo), Taste of the Wild and many others. The likelihood of contaminated foods in Colorado is low, but please review the product codes on your products at home for your pets safety.

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