Fourth of July Pet Safety

Make sure to keep your pets safe during this sparkling time of celebration. Despite the fires and firework bans, there will be some city fireworks displays and there are always individuals who will still set off noisemakers in neighborhoods.

Most cats will hide away from scary noises, but a few can make a break out the front door. Many dogs will bolt away from loud events, either from the yard or the house.  If your pet does get away from home, this article details a great many tips that can help you find your pet and coax them back home. A microchip is a great form of permanent identification to help reunite owners and pets.

Best bets for a pet safe Fourth of July:

1. Don’t take dogs to fireworks displays. And, do not leave them tied or chained anywhere – they can break free or worse strangle if panic.

2. Use a crate placed in the quietest area of the house away from doors and windows to house your dog if away from home. And, can turn on radio or television for background noise.

3. For dogs that are known to be scared of thunder and/or fireworks, consider an anxiety reducing wrap such as a Thundershirt. And, speak with your veterinarian about calming medications to use when needed.

4. Do not leave pets in car – even with windows cracked, the temperature at this time of year inside a car is killing hot and pets can severely injure themselves as well as damaging car’s interior trying to get out.

5. Keep alcoholic beverages out of reach of pets – they can’t distinguish between what is and isn’t okay to drink.

Check out this detailer from ASPCA on many more ways to keep pets safe for the Fourth.  Enjoy!


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