Overlapping Medicines

The contrasts between veterinary and human medical practice always fascinate me. At veterinary conferences, I try to attend offerings from the One Health Initiative because they help to keep me thinking about how to best protect both animal and human health as well as opening up a global view.

This recent set of essays comes from a different perspective and looks at the commonalities and contrasts as well as an interesting proposition to who might take care of who – Should my dog and I share a doctor?.  What do you think?

There are many amazing partnerships between veterinary and human medicine that have lead or will lead to major advancements in the treatment of particular diseases. One, in particular, is now a mainstay of treatment for osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone cancer, in both children and dogs. The veterinarian who pioneered this from research to reality was Dr. Steven Withrow, who recently retired from the Animal Cancer Center at CSU.

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