Got Treadmill? Your Dog Might Benefit From Own or Yours for Exercise

What about treadmill training for your dog? It’s sometimes hard to fit in our own exercise and when the weather is too hot or too cold, your dog’s exercise is likely to decrease as well.  If you have a dog, training him or her to walk the treadmill is a great option. You can use your own treadmill or find one that is specially made for dogs.  This  recent story discussed dog treadmill use while these following links are YouTube demonstrations on how to train your pet to use a treadmill: Link  1: Step by Step Treadmill Dog Training, Link 2: Johann Learns the Treadmill. There are many more examples, long and short, on YouTube.

Safety recommendations: 1- go slowly and acclimate your pet to the sound and movement of the treadmill over several sessions, 2- use a harness to have a handle on your pet as your train and 3- gradually build up their work-out time just as you would your own.

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