Lasers – Not Just for Dr Evil

It probably dates me to a particular generation, but whenever I hear laser, I want to make air quotes a la Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers’ movies.

In reality, lasers have all kinds of applications and more are discovered every year. In the medical fields,  hot lasers are used for surgery while cold laser therapy is being used for pain relief and more.

At Park Hill Veterinary Medical Center, we are proud to introduce cold laser therapy for our patients.

So what does cold laser therapy do?

It can:

Relieve pain – absorbed laser energy stimulates the release of endorphins (the same effect as a good chocolate or run for a human), decreases circulating levels of inflammatory potentiators such as bradykinins, stabilizes nerve cell membranes and increases or makes higher the pain perception threshold.

Reduce inflammation – by promoting increased lymphatic flow which reduces inflammatory edema or fluid accumulation associated with injury or arthritis, increases microcirculation  and inhibits the synthesis of inflammatory cytokines and prostaglandin.

Speed wound healing – the fancy term for laser therapy is photobiomodulation.  And, photobiomodulation stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen for tissue repair; stimulates increased white blood cell activity at the site of a wound, and helps to regenerate the small capillaries at a faster rate.

Increase cellular metabolism – laser stimulates the cellular mitochondria to produce more ATP, RNA, DNA and cellular proteins, leading to more rapid tissue repair and cell growth.

Cold laser therapy has many applications for pain relief and/or pain management. It is especially good for arthritis and chronic muscular or orthopedic pain. But, it also can help with acute pain such as a surgical incision, vaccination site or after microchip placement.

Ask us today if cold laser therapy might be appropriate for your pet.

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