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Protect Pets Against Holiday Hazards

Thomas & Tyler Christmas regularIt’s the most wonderful time of year….until Fido eats everything on the table set up for the Christmas party or Fluffy Cat decided to swallow a pretty ribbon. The holidays are meant to be a time spent with family and friends and not at the veterinarian or veterinary emergency hospital. Here’s some things to avoid to keep your pets happy and healthy this holiday season.

Holiday bows, ribbons and wrapping paper – beautifully wrapped gifts are festive and fun, but make sure that they are kept out of reach of pets, especially after opening when a pretty ribbon could be easily swallowed and become an intestinal foreign body that might require surgery to remove.

Hanging ornaments – low-hanging ornaments are just begging to be played with. Make sure that what’s in reach for a cat or dog is shatterproof. If your kitty is a climber, consider anchoring your tree to a ceiling hook with invisible fishing line. Tinsel is pretty, but may not be appropriate for your tree with a curious cat or puppy.

Candles – Never leave a lit candle unattended and in reach of pets. While the candle itself may not attract attention, it can easily be knocked over and lead to much more unpleasant problems.

Holiday foods – they are rich, fatty and yummy. And, if a pet overindulges intentionally as treats or stealthy by sneaking, those novel foods can cause digestive upset that leads to vomiting and/or diarrhea. Avoid bones as they can splinter as chewed and lead to oral and/or intestinal injuries.

Christmas Tree Water – additives are used routinely to help make a tree last longer, but the ingredients can definitely upset the digestive tract if consumed by a cat or a dog. Make sure the water reservoir cannot be accessed by pets.

Poisonous Plants – many common holiday plants, including mistletoe, pine tree needles, amaryllis lilies, red azaleas and paperwhites can be toxic to pets and lead to significant digestive irritation, especially those in the lily family which can lead to fatal toxicity. Keep all holiday plants out of reach to prevent nibbling. If any concerns about ingestion, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (888-426-4435/fee for service).

Pets as Gifts – every companion animal deserves a good home and while it seems perfect as a Christmas present, this hectic time might not be the best time to add a new family member. According to the CATalyst Council, shelters nationwide report a uptick of new arrivals right after the holidays when people surrender the “gift pet” they may not have wanted.

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Halloween’s Coming….Do You Dress Up Your Pet/s?

It’s that time of year – everyone is planning and plotting their Halloween costumes. Join us in person or via Facebook to show us the best pet costumes by 6pm on 10/31.  And, for some Puggish-inspiration and a good laugh, visit this link to see the best in Pug Halloween.

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How Often Does My Pet Need a Check-up?

Just like we need our regular physical exams each year, so do our pets. And, when over age seven, twice yearly helps to stay on track – remember that a cat or dog is aging roughly 5 to 7 months for every calendar month; that equals about 2.5 years for every 6 months. Visit Healthy Pet Check-up  for more details and informative articles.

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New Faces at Park Hill Vet

It’s been a busy few months and we’re pleased to announce several new staff members have joined the Park Hill Vet crew.

Dr. Courtney T. Turner has joined as our newest full-time veterinarian.  Dr. Margot, Dr. Oberbroeckling and our part-time relief vets Dr. Puccio and Dr. Karrh continue with their regular schedules.

Jade, CVT, and Miss Kirsten, CVT, began in July and round out our team of excellent nurses.  Kat is our new Client Care Specialist and will soon be joined by Annaliz. Earlier in the spring, Malik, Karin and Jenn M. joined the gang as Veterinary Nurse, Client Care Specialist and Exam Room/Veterinary Assistant respectively.

We are privileged to have grown our team in the past few months to serve the growth of our client base well. We truly are blessed with not only a great medical team, but also the best clients and patients in Denver. Thank you.

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IAMS/Eukanuba Food Recall

Procter & Gamble, the parent company for IAMS/Eukanuba, has issued recalls on several foods for risk of Salmonella contamination. No reported illnesses have resulted and it impacts a very small amount of their food products.  Link here for more information and specific lot information.

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Microchips Help Reunite Pets & Owners

This article from the Huffington Post nicely summarizes all the good that having your pet microchipped provides. We have happily reunited some separated pets with their worried owners due to their having a microchip.

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Vote Today – Denver’s A List

Only 19 days left to vote for your favorites, including veterinarians, at Denver’s A List

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Petly is coming July 26th!

We’re excited to announce our upcoming transition from ePetHealth to Petly – a new personalized pet health page. We are upgrading from ePetHealth  – your ePetHealth account will remain accessible for the next two weeks until Petly is fully operational.

Petly WebsizeWhat is Petly?

It is a resource for all your pet’s or pets’ health information all in one place. Petly is integrated with our hospital practice management software rather than being a third party service, so it’s faster and more accurate.

Centralized Health Information

It’s always our goal to make taking the best care of your furry family members easy. Petly allows you to review your pet’s health records, request an appointment or prescription refill. Easy to access and available from anywhere, you will always have needed information at your finger tips.

Your Pet’s Appointment Information

View up-to-the-hour information on future appointments. Know when to arrive and what to expect at each appointment. Pet scheduled for a professional veterinary dental cleaning or surgery – you’ll receive pre-surgical instructions to your inbox.

The Latest in Pet Health News

You will find informative articles about the latest in pet health from the Pet Health Network, ranging from medical articles to behavior management tips. Looking for information on a recent diagnosis, you can find it and keep it linked to your pet’s Petly “notebook.”

Get Social!

Are you or your pets social media mavens? Petly’s live Facebook feed, links you in to the latest in pet-related news, deals and offers at the hospital and a hot button to stay in touch.

How Do I join Petly?

Once up and running, Petly is a free service available to all our clients. All that is required is an email address. All current clients who have provided email addresses will receive an informational email with registration information.

What Do You Do With Email Addresses?

Your email address is your Petly sign-in name. Once registered, you will receive your pet’s or pets’ service reminders (vaccinations, examinations and more) and appointment confirmations by email.

We also use the email addresses to contact clients with hospital updates, promotions and important health news. We know that inboxes are full these days and will not overload your email box and you can tailor your personal preferences.

Do You Sell Your Mailing List?

We do not sell our mailing list nor do we allow third parties to use contact information. Your email address if used for communication between the hospital and you only.

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It Helps to Have a Partner in Weight Loss

Many studies confirm the epidemic of obesity in humans and pets. The hardest part of losing weight is often getting active. Dog owners are a step ahead of cat owners as they have someone to help support them actively in weight loss with daily walks and exercise. Purina’s Project Slim Down and Jenny Craig are partnering together to offer support in having owners and dogs get healthy together. Visit today for more information and to get on the road to health today.

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Natura Pet Foods Recall – Innova, EVO, California Naturals, Healthwise

The Natura Pet Foods Company has issued a voluntary recall on its brands for possible salmonella contamination. Please visit their website here for detailed packaging information on the recalled foods.  No known human or pet health issues have been discovered yet, but the company is being proactive with regards to their popular foods.

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