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Protect Pets Against Holiday Hazards

It’s the most wonderful time of year….until Fido eats everything on the table set up for the Christmas party or Fluffy Cat decided to swallow a pretty ribbon. The holidays are meant to be a time spent with family and friends and not at the veterinarian or veterinary emergency hospital. Here’s some things to avoid […]

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Posted on September 24, 2013 by

How Often Does My Pet Need a Check-up?

Just like we need our regular physical exams each year, so do our pets. And, when over age seven, twice yearly helps to stay on track – remember that a cat or dog is aging roughly 5 to 7 months for every calendar month; that equals about 2.5 years for every 6 months. Visit Healthy […]

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Posted on June 28, 2012 by

Food Matters

Picking a diet for your pet can be overwhelming and there is a lot of marketing of foods that is somewhat deceptive, not maliciously, but as in promoting things such as being grain-free that may not be a concern for your pet.  Interested in learning more about nutrition and what might be best to feed […]

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Diamond Pet Foods Recall Expands to Cat Food

Continued production issues at manufacturer Diamond Pet Foods regarding Salmonella contamination – link here for more detailed information. Product lines include Kirkland (CostCo), Taste of the Wild and many others. The likelihood of contaminated foods in Colorado is low, but please review the product codes on your products at home for your pets safety.

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Park Hill Vet is Now Park Hill’s Only AAHA Accredited Vet Hospital

All the nail biting and self-inflicted stress was worth it. I spent the day today with our American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) representative Laurie going through more than 800 standards to achieve our Accreditation.  It’s official now that we passed with flying colors in 20 areas from Client Care, Surgery, Anesthesia, Dentistry, Leadership, Medical Records […]

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