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Dr. O goes to London / Olympics

As some of you know, Dr. O is off to the London Olympics.  What most of you may not be aware of he will be our personal corespondent actively pursuing the “inside” stories on the the Games.  He will be dressed as an Olympian to make the competitors more comfortable in their natural environment.  We […]

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Independence Day

Hi, it’s me Walter and I’m taking over Thomas’s blog today.  Where does that fur-ball get off saying I don’t the difference between the Fourth of July and Independence Day?  Anyway, it’s pretty hot out there and I want to make sure everyone knows not to leave their cats and dogs alone  in their cars.  […]

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Does this shirt make me look fat?

My trainer, Liz bought me a new shirt. What do you think?  I’m not sure if purple is my color but the gang at the hospital says it makes me look regal…..whatever that means.

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Independence Day – Fourth of July

A quick meow-out that our office will be closed for the Fourth of July. Mi amigo, Walter the Chihuahua, thinks he’s getting two holidays in July…the 4th and Independence Day. I don’t have the heart to tell him there the same day.

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London Olympics

I’ve been hearing rumors that in July our own Dr. O will be going to the 2012 London Olympics. What is not clear is if he is going as a fan or a competitor!

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Closed Memorial Day

Hey, Me and Walter, my Chihuahua buddy, are closing the office for a long weekend.  You might see us this Sunday at the first annual Greater Park Hill Community Inc.’ s Bones-n-Beats or drinking a margarita downtown.  Wishing all my Cat and Dog buddies to have a safe and wonderful holiday.  I’ll be back Tuesday – […]

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Thomas’ View:

We’re having a little bit of technical difficulties getting Thomas to start contributing his regular blog. So for today – this recent cover from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association sums up how Thomas sees himself.

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