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  • What’s the Deal with Preventive Care?

    By Margot K. Vahrenwald, DVM, AVJ One of the areas where pet owners and veterinarians sometimes struggle is preventive care – and, with that, frequency of examinations.  To an owner, an exam is an exam is an exam. To a veterinarian, there is a very marked difference in a preventive …Read More »
  • Tooth Matters – How Much Should a Pet Dental Cleaning Cost?

    The nationally acclaimed Pet Dental Health Month is February, but, in reality, dental/periodontal disease never takes a vacation or slows down – it’s always accruing in your pet’s mouth every day. And, unless, you are giving your pet twice daily toothbrushing and regular adjunctive home oral care, your cat or …Read More »
  • It’s the Best Time of the Year …. The Holidays!!!!

    By Margot Vahrenwald, DVM, ASVJ No matter if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus or other around this time of the year, you will want to ensure that the furry members (and maybe the humans) of the household are taken care of with a gift or two.  I’m changing up our …Read More »