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Pet of the Month – May 2019


Hi! My name is Elmer!! I came to be one day when this lady came to see some other dogs at Dumb Friends about three years ago! She was about to leave as my brother and me were waking up from surgery and I said ‘Hey!! What about us?!’ Well, I liked the way she looked, she seemed real nice. I wanted to claim her before my brother did. So I stumbled over, groggy from anesthesia, and left my mark on her leg. We’ve been best buds ever since. I learned later on that I got my name from my great grandpa. I never got to meet him, but I’ve heard lots great stories!


Pet of the Month – May 2019


My name is Sven. No, I am not named after the reindeer in “Frozen”, though that’s what everyone always asks. I am named after Sven Nys, a professional cyclist. I am about 2 1/2 years old and was adopted through PawsCo Animal Rescue. I love to cuddle, but only with my humans, not strangers. I am scared of cars, love talking to birds and squirrels and chasing red lasers.


Pet of the Month – March 2019


Susi was born in Costa Rica where she regularly barked at monkeys and pounced on lizards. Her real name is Susia, the Spanish word for dirty, because she was always covered with mud. When she and her family moved to Denver her ambitions were to catch a squirrel and eat the mailman. These days, she mostly likes to sleep in the sun and take her humans for long walks. She turns 15 years old on April 15.


Pet of the Month – March 2019


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