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Serving northeast Denver neighborhoods—Park Hill, Stapleton, Lowry, Montclair, Hale, Hilltop, City Park, City Park North, East Colfax & Uptown—since 2011

Park Hill Veterinary Medical Center is where your pets matter. Our commitment is to deliver the best medical care to your special family members throughout their lifetime—from the routine to the unexpected. We aim to offer the best veterinary care for your pets in Denver.

As partners in ensuring a healthy, active and long life for your pets, we strive to deliver the highest quality services with a loving touch. Our healthcare team is dedicated to providing personal attention to the concerns of each individual pet.

Champions for excellent care

The AAHA Difference

Veterinary hospitals accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) hold themselves to a higher standard. They are passionate about pets, and keeping them healthy is their number one priority. They strive to always deliver excellent care, because your pets deserve nothing less. Park Hill Vet earned its initial accreditation from AAHA in November 2011 and passed its recertifications in 2013 and 2016 with flying colors—something we sought voluntarily by only 15 percent of North American veterinary practices as there is no national nor state entity requiring certification in various service areas for veterinary practices.

All the staff are friendly and professional. Every time we come for a visit the staff is so patient to address all my questions and concerns. They always give us lots of options for care concerning our budget. I feel like Park Hill Vet truly cares about my furry babies.

- Betsy A.

The staff here is excellent from the minute you walk in the door. The nurses and the doc genuinely care about the well being of my lil man. They talk through everything from living at high altitude to breed characteristics. I always come away feeling confident I understand his health.

- John L.

My furry kids always get treated with care and respect. Park Hill Vet offers very reasonable prices and we've never felt that we are being upsold for additional services like we have with other vets.

- Tina D.
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Our Services

Care with a Loving Touch

Preventive Medicine

Preventive medicine, including regular hands-on examinations is the best way to ensure your pet’s health. Every pet should be examined at least once yearly until age seven and then twice yearly thereafter—remember they are aging faster than the years assigned, with every six months being equivalent to 2-3 years of aging. Your veterinarian will help to tailor your pet’s care based on age, lifestyle, risks and more. Vaccinations are an important part of preventive care—not every pet will need every vaccination, but all pets need some protective vaccinations based on their individual needs and risks.

Emergency Medicine

Emergencies happen – we have no way to predict or prevent, but are available to treat and support during our business hours. Our skilled staff, in-house laboratory and digital x-ray capabilities, mean that we can quickly evaluate your pet and get them started with appropriate care. Afterhours, we refer to area veterinary emergency facilities.

Puppy & Kitten Care

A good start in life is essential to a lifetime of good health. When you add that wonderful new bundle of fur love, we’ll help to make sure that the new kitten or puppy is set up for proper vaccinations and preventive care. We’ll make sure you have the essentials for good nutrition, home care and training as well.

Senior Care

Age is not a disease, but aging does cause many changes. Senior pets (over age 7 for most pets) need to have regular exams at least twice yearly and regular screening diagnostics to evaluate major organs such as the kidneys or liver for changes. We want to ensure that as owner and veterinarian we are working together to maintain a healthy, comfortable and as long as possible life span for each pet.


Proper dental and oral care, both professional veterinary and at home, can truly extend a pet’s life—and make sure that there is no unpleasant cat or dog breath. We’ll guide you in the how’s and what to use for home dental care as well as educating you on professional veterinary dental cleaning, assessment and treatment for your pet’s mouth. Our digital dental x-ray system allows us to evaluate below the gum line to make the best recommendations for your pet.


We perform routine and non-routine soft tissue surgeries such as spay, neuter, cystotomy, mass removals and more. For specialty procedures and orthopedic procedures, we can coordinate with an experienced surgeon to come to our hospital to perform or refer your pet to one of the area’s many experts.


Radiology includes x-rays and ultrasounds. Our digital x-ray system means that we can take almost instantaneous high resolution images of a pet’s chest, abdomen or limbs. Ultrasound is a non-invasive technology that allows us to see organs in great detail and can be used to identify bladder stones, tumors and abnormal organ structure. We work closely with a board-certified radiologist to coordinate our ultrasounds and also use a rapid telemedicine service to evaluate x-rays when needed.

Cardiology Services

The heart and cardiovascular system sometimes needs special care. We use the mobile services of Pulse Veterinary Cardiology to come to our hospital when patients are in need of cardiac evaluations, echocardiograms and more.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment offers a modality of complementary medicine that can both have significant positive effects for a patient. Laser is a form of photo-therapy using a hand-held device. Laser has great anti-inflammatory and anti-pain effects, can speed healing and reduce scarring. It is used to treat wounds, ear infections, arthritic pain, skin issues and more. Ask today if this service is appropriate for your pet.

Fear-Free Care

Do you get a little stressed and worried at the doctor’s office? Well, our pets certainly do and we are constantly working on handling ideas and other strategies to make every cat’s and dog’s visit less stressful. We may not be able to calm every fractious pet, but we can help make all visits easier for pets and owners. Ask today what we can do to help you with your pet’s visits. This website offers a good place to start.

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Bringing your pet to our hospital?

Dogs must be on a leash, in a carrier or, if small, carried, when arriving to and departing from the hospital. Cats should arrive and depart in a carrier for their comfort and safety. This policy is in place for the safety of your pet and all of our patients.

Our Team

Keeping Your Pets Happy and Healthy

Dr. Margot K. Vahrenwald

Dr. Margot K. VahrenwaldVeterinarian/Owner

Dr. Margot K. Vahrenwald

Dr. Margot K. VahrenwaldVeterinarian/Owner

A love of animals and caring communications with their owners.

About Dr. Margot

Having always loved animals, Dr. Margot detoured into a starting career in public relations/journalism before returning to school to study in veterinary medicine. However, that communications background has always helped in her veterinary work in educating owners on the best care for their pets. After graduating from the veterinary school at Colorado State University in 2000, she completed a 13-month small animal internship at Friendship Hospital for Animals in Washington, DC. Dr. Margot returned to Colorado in 2004. A lifetime goal of opening her own veterinary practice was met when Park Hill Veterinary Medical Center opened in July 2011. Dr. Margot’s medical interests include Wellness/Preventive Medicine, Dentistry, Nutrition, Marketing and Client Education. The practice has grown and flourished since opening with the support of our great neighborhood and community. Dr. Margot is married to Chris, our hospital manager. They have two active and lovely daughters, Savannah and Caitlin; two cats and three dogs. When there is any spare time, you might find Dr. Margot with her nose in a book, behind the camera or digitally scrapbooking.
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Dr. Kelly McGuire

Dr. Kelly McGuireAssociate Veterinarian

Dr. Kelly McGuire

Dr. Kelly McGuireAssociate Veterinarian

An adventurous, globe-trotting doctor with a life-long love of animals.

About Dr. McGuire

Dr. Kelly McGuire is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with honors, Dr. McGuire moved to Colorado to attend graduate school at CU Boulder. She graduated with her Master’s degree in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology in 2002. After a few years working as a veterinary technician, future Dr. McGuire attended veterinary school at Colorado State University, graduating in 2008. Following graduation, she worked as a relief veterinarian for shelter, hospital and veterinary emergency clinic.In 2012, Dr. McGuire applied on a whim for a job in Adelaide, South Australia – and moved Down Under 5 weeks later. For the next four years, she worked in Adelaide and the surrounding rural countryside, taking care of dogs, cats, and the local fauna, including kangaroos and the occasional koala. The summer of 2016, Dr. McGuire returned to Denver – bringing along Aussie husband Kev, toddler son, and neurotic Border Collie, Diesel.Whenever there is a quiet moment – if such a thing exists with a toddler – Dr. McGuire likes to make elaborate meals and desserts to enjoy with Aussie wines, knit, hike, snowshoe, and all other outdoor fun that Colorado offers.
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Dr. Michelle M. Stewart

Dr. Michelle M. StewartAssociate Veterinarian

Dr. Michelle M. Stewart

Dr. Michelle M. StewartAssociate Veterinarian

Bio Coming Soon

About Dr. Stewart

Check back!
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Dr. Michelle Woolly

Dr. Michelle WoollyAssociate Veterinarian

Dr. Michelle Woolly

Dr. Michelle WoollyAssociate Veterinarian

A native Florida spirit enjoying Colorado beauty!

About Dr. Woolly

Dr. Michelle Woolly grew up in hot, humid Miami, FL. She has always had a deep love for animals and knew from a very young age that veterinary medicine was her calling. Her path towards becoming a doctor started at Texas A&M University (Whoop!) where she earned her undergraduate in Animal Science with a focus on equine science and pre-veterinary medicine. After returning to her how state, she attended University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated with her DVM in 2015. Dr. Woolly and her husband, Matt, anxious to leave the south behind came to beatiful Colorado and are happily living on their mini-farm with daughter, 3 dogs (Lyn the Boston Terrier and 2 crazy Border Collies, Lyla and Tex), a cat named Bob Ross, and more animals to come. When she is not working, Dr. Woolly enjoys horseback riding, spending time with her family, getting lost in the mountains, and enjoying all the adventures that come with Colorado’s outdoor lifestyle.

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Dr. Analisa Schilling

Dr. Analisa SchillingAssociate Veterinarian

Dr. Analisa Schilling

Dr. Analisa SchillingAssociate Veterinarian

Bio Coming Soon

About Dr. Schilling

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Chris S. Vahrenwald

Chris S. VahrenwaldFinancial Manager

Chris S. Vahrenwald

Chris S. VahrenwaldFinancial Manager

A Background in business management with a love of animals.

About Chris

Running a veterinary practice has been a new and challenging position for Chris since he joined the practice in October 2011. A wide and varied career in business and credit/debt collections provided a strong foundation for financial management of a rapidly growing hospital.
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Alexandra Smith

Alexandra SmithPractice Manager

Alexandra Smith

Alexandra SmithPractice Manager

Makes every client feel like they and their pets truly matter

About Alex

Alex joined Park Hill Vet in February 2012. While working on her degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology as CU Boulder, she interned and later became an employee at a wildlife rehabilitation center. Her passion for animal care flourished and grew during her three years there. In 2009, she switched to companion animal care and worked at a large small animal practice that focused on pain management. In addition to her veterinary work, Alex has over 8 years of customer service experience. She strives to hold us to our mission of making every client feel like they and their pets truly matter. As a Colorado native, when not working, you will find Alex outdoors—winters on the slopes and summers biking or hiking. She is owned by husky Zoom and special cat Henri.
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'Hendrix'Resident Clinic Cat


'Hendrix'Resident Clinic Cat

Powerful and mighty ruler of Park Hill Vet

About 'Hendrix'

Don’t let my formal attire fool you, I am a very friendly and approachable fellow. I do take my role as the powerful and mighty ruler of Park Hill Vet quite seriously. I can get a bit grumpy when I’m hungry—I’ve been here a while now and my minions haven’t caught on that I require endless amounts of food at all times! When I’m not demanding food, I can be found perched in various places surveying my kingdom, loudly voicing my opinions and welcoming visitors. The humans here tell me that I sometimes “overstep boundaries” by trying to go in to exam rooms and attempting to calm patients that don’t seem overly fond of me. If you don’t see me wandering freely and meowing for your attention, I may be temporarily exiled to my throne in the kennels.
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