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Park Hill Veterinary Medical Center offers compassionate veterinary care and specialized services to pets in Denver, Colorado. Our veterinary hospital is AAHA-Accredited and focuses on fear-free care for all humans and animals that walk through our doors.
Preventive Care
Preventive care, including regular hands-on examinations, is the best medicine, the best way to ensure your pet’s lifelong health. Every pet should be examined at least once yearly until age seven and then twice yearly thereafter – remember they are aging faster than the human years assigned, with every six months being equivalent to 2-3 years of aging. Your veterinarian will help to tailor your pet’s care plan based on age, breed, lifestyle risks, nutritional needs and more. Vaccinations are an important part of preventive care – not every pet will need every vaccination, but all pets need some vaccinations based on laws (Rabies) and their individual needs and risks.
Puppy/Kitten to Cat/Dog Care

A good start in life is essential to a lifetime of good health. When you add that wonderful new bundle of fur love, we’ll help to make sure that new puppy or kitten is set up for proper vaccinations and preventive care. We’ll also make sure you have the essentials for good nutrition, home care, and training as well. Additionally, we will guide the care of your puppy or kitten as they transition into and are an adult in the prime of their life – needing their annual to twice-yearly preventive care exams, vaccinations as needed, diagnostic screenings on stool samples and blood annually for parasites, preventative medications, etc.

Senior & Geriatric Care

Age is not a disease, but it is inevitable and does cause many changes. Senior pets (over age 7 for most pets) are like middle-aged humans and need twice yearly physical exams. We will also regularly use laboratory diagnostic testing on blood and urine to help us monitor all the major organ systems and manage any chronic diseases of aging as needed. Additionally, senior and geriatric pets still need preventive care, but often require changes in nutrition, modification of exercise and supportive supplements. When geriatric over age 12, we can start to see changes in behavior and cognitive function, pain from arthritis or multiple chronic diseases of aging and can help to address concerns as they arise. We want to ensure as owner and veterinarian, we are working together to maintain a healthy, comfortable and as long as possible quality of life for each pet.


Radiology includes x-rays and ultrasounds. Our digital x-ray system means that we can take almost instantaneous high-resolution images of a pet’s chest, abdomen or limbs. Ultrasound is a non-invasive technology that allows us to see organs in great detail and can be used to identify bladder stones, tumors, and abnormal organ structure. We work closely with a board-certified radiologist to coordinate our ultrasounds and also use a rapid telemedicine service to evaluate x-rays when needed.


The heart and cardiovascular system sometimes need special care. When a murmur or arrhythmia is heard, we can use the services of Pulse Veterinary Cardiology to come to our hospital. Dr. Lake-Bakkar is mobile and performs thorough cardiac evaluations, echocardiograms and more here at Park Hill Vet.

Emergency Care

Emergencies happen – we have no way to predict or prevent, but are available to treat and support during our business hours. Our skilled staff, in-house laboratory and digital x-ray capabilities mean that we can quickly evaluate your pet and get them started with appropriate care. There may be times when a patient should go directly to a specialty/emergency hospital for care so please call for advice. After hours, we refer to area veterinary emergency facilities.

Fear-Free Care

Do you get a little stressed and worried at the doctor’s office? Well, our pets certainly do, and we are constantly working on low-stress handling and other strategies to make every cat’s and dog’s visit less stressful. All our team members, from the front desk to management, are certified Fear Free Professionals™. We may not be able to calm every fractious pet, but we can help to make all visits easier for pets and owners. Ask today how we can help. This website offers a good place to start.


Proper dental and oral care, both professional veterinary and at home, can truly extend the quality and length of pet’s life – and make sure there is no unpleasant cat or dog breath. Remember, bad breath is not normal. We’ll guide you in the how’s, what’s and why’s of what to use for home dental care with your pet as well as when a professional veterinary dental assessment, cleaning, and treatment are needed for your pet’s mouth. Our digital dental x-ray system allows us to evaluate below the gum line and assess the impact of periodontal disease as well as to make the best dental care recommendations for your pet. To learn more, visit this website.


We perform routine and non-routine soft tissue surgeries such as spay, neuter, cystotomy, mass removals and more. For specialty procedures and orthopedic procedures, we can coordinate with an experienced surgeon to come to our hospital to perform or refer your pet to one of the area’s many experts.

Laser Therapy

Laser treatment offers a modality of complementary medicine that can have significant positive effects for a patient. A laser is a form of phototherapy using a hand-held device. The laser has great anti-inflammatory and anti-pain effects, can speed healing and reduce scarring. It is used to treat wounds, ear infections, arthritic pain, skin issues and more. Ask today if this service is appropriate for your pet.

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