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I highly recommend this vet! They were so kind and gentle with my Pug and even worked with me on pricing. Definitely our life long vet now~ thanks Dr. Margot!
Alexis R.

Park Hill Vet is an amazing clinic that goes above and beyond for your animals. They are always professional and kind. They embody a “fear free” clinic. Would definitely recommend.
Luke M.

I can’t possibly overstate how wonderful this clinic is, especially Dr. Kelly McGuire. The entire office and nursing is caring, courteous, and eager to help—clearly an extension of the veterinarians who work there.

Over the last few years, Dr. McGuire has been a constant source of direct, yet compassionate explanations and top-flight care of everything from mild nausea to getting one of my pups through an intestinal cancer diagnosis.

Most recently, my 14 year old Shar Pei mix fell severely ill with vomiting, abdominal pain, and other maladies. We brought her in to see Dr. McGuire, who immediately referred us to another facility for advanced diagnostic testing and went completely out of her way to follow up and communicate with us well after business hours and into her personal time.

She, and the staff as a whole, routinely go above and beyond their jobs and go out of their way to soothe the nerves of jittery, emotional pet parents like me while taking wonderful care of our 4-legged furbabies.

I’m eternally grateful for all that they do and strongly recommend any pet parent put their trust in Park Hill to take the absolute best possible care of their animals.

Scott S.

Staff is friendly and accommodating. Vets are all helpful at explaining options for my dogs’ health so I can make a decision on the best method of care. Happy visits are a great way to desensitize them to the exam rooms.
Cherie C.

Can’t say enough good things about this place. Just took my dog Finn in there for the first time and had the best experience at a Vet that I have ever had. Highly recommend.
Andrew H.

They are the best. We have always gotten top notch care for our pets at Park Hill. They even sent us a condolences card recently when one of our cats passed away that all the staff had written a personal message in.
Matt S.

The staff here is very friendly, competent, and seems to genuinely care about you and your pet. I didn’t feel like they tried to upsell us on anything and in fact one of the vet techs there gave me a rebate to claim for the heartworm medication we purchased. They also called us after we took our dog in to see how she was doing with her new medications.
Carlee K.

My cat has received excellent care from the staff at PHVMC for over a year now. I am consistently greeted by the friendly and knowledgeable front desk staff and the intake technicians are efficient and kind. I really appreciate Dr. McGuire’s empathetic handling of my cat’s long-term illness: she clearly explained my diagnostic options when I first brought my “not quite right” pet to her, allowing me to make informed choices that fit my desire to help my cat while still being mindful of my budget.

Amanda G.

They have taken good care of my elderly cat. And have been very compassionate.
Kristen E.

Whichever vet I see, I always feel like I’m being treated with respect and that my concerns for my dog are valid and heard. What actually prompted me to write this review was the excellent job several of the vets have done in helping me chase down the answer to an intermittent lameness issue my dog has in agility.

Sophie H.

As a new shelter-puppy owner, Park Hill took a lot of time and care with ME today! I’ve been pretty overwhelmed the last few days, trying to figure out how to help my doggie acclimate, recover from some yucky diarrhea, identify a weird wheezing sound, recover from spay surgery and just figure out WTF I needed to do as far as food, etc. The folks here really took their time and answered my questions very kindly and patiently. They made me feel a lot more confident about understanding how to care for my new furry friend. They were wonderful with my dog as well! Very sweet, kind and knowledgeable. Really glad to have this clinic as part of my team.

Jen P.

Our puppy and kitten are happy patients of this vet clinic. Park Hill Vet has the kindest staff, and Dr. Hill is so caring. That’s worth a review in itself, but recently we had a dog attack incident where our pup had a fractured jaw and needed to have emergency surgery done by a specialist. Dr. Hill worked miracles finding us the best dental vet surgeon in the Denver area, and has checked on the progress of our pup’s recovery since the incident. I’m so thankful and could not give a higher review. Thank you.
Jordan M.

My dogs and I love this place. I moved 30 minutes away and I’ll still keep coming. The doctors and staff are all amazing. I highly recommend this Veterinary center.
Jordan P.

Everyone at Park Hill is absolutely wonderful–they take such great care of our dog. We have a whippet, which isn’t very common, but they know all the specifics of the breed and what’s normal for her and what isn’t. There isn’t a veterinary clinic I would recommend higher. They love your pet like you love your pet and it shows. They call the day after a visit to check in and make sure she is doing ok and they answer everything they possibly can over the phone. I completely trust all of the doctors and techs and would go there myself if they took human patients!
John C.

Every time I take my rather skittish pup here, the staff is beyond amazing. Even keeping notes about what makes the visit better for our dog. So thankful!
Sara F.

I love this animal hospital. The staff are all very kind and caring and make you feel like you’re their only patient. Had to put our dog down after learning some devastating news when reviewing x-rays, and everybody was so sweet and compassionate. The facility is also very clean!
Ryan B.

The staff here are so friendly and knowledgeable, and give personalized care. They call the next day to follow up and see how the pup is doing. They give compassionate and thorough care. When my dog passed, we had only seen them twice, but they mailed me a very special condolences note. This is the best vet I have ever been to in 10 years and 5 states, hands down.
Jessica F.

My dog gets awesome care here. Definitely personalized services provided by a compassionate staff. Going to start bringing my cat next lol.
Celeste T.

About a year or so ago, we had to put our dog Rubin down from an incurable tumor. The staff was very personal and the clinic had a very warm feeling. There was a little room we went into that had a couch and a dog bed with lots of clean blankets, they let us know what they were doing and let us have our last moments with him alone. Couldn’t have been greater. The vets were super trusting and nice, A highly recommended place if you need a good vet. 🙂
Malaya M.

Highly recommended. I have a “high maintenance” Chihuahua with a lot of health problems including Addison’s Disease and a thyroid disorder. So we spend a lot of time at the vet’s office. Despite their busy schedule, Park Hill always finds time for us when there is a problem – and we’ve had a lot of them! Everyone is so friendly and they really care about their patients. And what they charge for their services is fair too. If you are looking for a vet, give them a try.

Cynde H.

Excellent staff! Very patient with an anxious dog.
Brian S.

Park Hill really feels like a part of our family at this point: during the last phase of our old dog Juli’s life, they were there to provide her with the care and advice she needed. When the end came, they rushed us in without an appointment, and they gave Juli the most dignified sendoff we could have imagined.

Jordan P.

These women were totally wonderful. I moved away from my typical vet and was searching for a new one due to my elderly dog experiencing strange symptoms. They were able to get me into an appointment and the facility was very clean. As soon as we walked into the exam room, the tech immediately offered my pup a yoga mat because my dog was unsteady on her feet on the hard floors. I was so pleased about this kind act alone that I knew I found a great place. I’ve never been offered a yoga mat before! My dog appreciated it and went to it immediately.

Yvonne P.

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